Top 5 Players in Fantasy Basketball


Here are the top 5 players in standard 9cat H2H Fantasy Basketball:

  1. Anthony Davis – He’s still the number 1 player in Fantasy Basketball for me. Not Giannis nor Harden. But AD it is. Damn, i don’t have him in any of my rosters this season. His weakest cat is 3PM but he is averaging at least 1.0 after 3 games. Wow! I hope he stays healthy again this year.
  2. Jimmy Butler – After 3 games he showed he’s the number 1 player in Minnesota. He may be traded and that may change his value. But while he’s still in Wolves uniform you may savor the moment and enjoy his stats. His weakest stat is 3PM making him a very nice fit in punt 3s.
  3. Nikola Jokic – The Joker is tremendous at the start of the season. He even made history against the Suns last October 20 by posting 35-12-11 stats on perfect FG%. Well, of course that is the Suns but Jokic is really good and can really put up double-doubles and triple- doubles. He may have a nice year again and congrats to those who drafted him late in the first round.
  4. Stephen Curry – The Chef started his season very strong. He’s averaging an astounding 30.5 Pts, 5.5 3PM, 5.0 Rebs, 7.8 Asts, 1.3 Stls in 53% FG & 83% FT.  Kevin Durant is just ranked 18th this early. If you drafted KD ahead of Curry, don’t despair. But if you had Curry on your team, good job especially if you got him at a discounted price.
  5. Kyle Lowry – 4-0 for the Raptors. Yes, they are the number 1 team in the east right now. Thanks to Lowry’s amazing stats of 3.8 3PM, 10.0 Asts, and 60% FG shooting. That FG% is unsustainable but he may have a nice year facilitating in offense knowing he has Kawhi in his side. So much drama during pre-season about his anger with management. Probably, this pumped him up leading to a strong start this year.

Here you go guys, these are currently the top 5 players in Fantasy Basketball. Please note that i based this one in standard 9cat H2H. The rankings change of course in other setup. For example, in punt blocks, Stephen Curry is currently Top 1. In 8cat H2H (without TOs), James Harden is ranked #2.

Thank you for reading my blog. If you have any suggestions and comments, feel free to  leave a message and you may follow me on twitter @fantasybbcrew.

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