Where are the stars?


As soon as I published my first article here, I showed it to my girlfriend and she (being a huge LBJ fan) quickly noticed and asked me, “Where is Lebron? Why is he not in top 5?” I got curious myself and look for Lebron’s ranking. And now i thought of writing this piece to show you guys where are your favorite players in the fantasy basketball rankings this early. I will exclude Anthony Davis, Stephen Curry, Jimmy Butler and Nikola Jokic here because we already know they are in top 5 (from the previous post) . Let’s get it on.

  1. Karl Anthony Towns – Projection: 2nd, Current Rank: 26th. Slow start for KAT. He is just averaging 17.0 Pts and 9.3 Rebs after 4 games, way below his projected 24.3 Pts and 13.2 Rebs a game. In his 1st 2 games, his usage rates are below 20.0 but he bounced back in the last 2 and averaged 23.15. I still feel this is pretty low for a fantasy stud but at least some good news for the fantasy owners.
  2. James Harden – Projection: 3rd, Current Rank: 7th. The Beard is ballin’. He isn’t even shooting nice FT% this early at just 76% at 8.3 FTA/g. He could be in top 5 if he does that. A wonderful fantasy year again is in store for The Beard.
  3. Kawhi Leonard – Projection: 4th, Current Rank: 27th. The Claw is outside the top 20 mainly because he is still feeling rusty. He’s just averaging 45.9% FG for at least 20 FGA/g. He was also rested during their 3rd game and that didn’t help his ranking either. He hasn’t blocked a shot yet. FG% and defensive stats are supposedly his known strengths and let’s all be patient with Kawhi because if he stays healthy, he can be one of the biggest draft steals in this year’s fantasy.
  4. Damian Lillard – Projection: 5th, Current Rank: 15th. Projecting Dame Dolla at 5th is pretty optimistic but we are all aware that he is capable of producing 1st round stats. His current ranking right now is a very good start. He is averaging 28.7 Pts, 2.3 3PM, 5.3 Rebs, 7.0 Asts a whopping 93.5 FT% and just 2.7 TOs. His current Y!ADP for 9cat at 10th is still fine for me.
  5. Giannis Antetokounmpo – Projection: 6th, Current Rank: 89th. The Greek Freak is averaging 27.3 Pts, 16.0 Rebs and 5.7 Asts. That is pretty awesome right? But wait, he is also averaging just 0.3 3PM, 0.7 Stls and a huge 5.7 TOs a game. That won’t make him in top 10. He is young. He’s the franchise player of the Bucks and we all know his capabilities. It’s pretty early and my advise is to be patient with the Freak.
  6. Kevin Durant – Projection: 9th, Current Rank: 18th. Durantula is fine. He is averaging 26.8 Pts, 8.0 Rebs, 5.8 Asts, 1.0 Stl and a very good 92.9 FT%. The 3s and Blks are still not there, 0.8 3PM & 0.8 Blks. The Chef and KD are gonna have to share the ball, and it looks like Curry is winning at the start. But as what we mentioned in the previous article, those KD owners should not despair.
  7. Lebron James – Projection: 14th, Current Rank: 31st. The King must be feeling the pressure. He’s down 0-3 now and outside top 30. He’s counting stats are actually close to his projections, 27.3 Pts, 1.0 3PM, 8.3 Rebs, 8.3 Asts, 1.3 Stls and 0.7 Blks. But he is just shooting 46% FG. He is surrounded by a bunch of young guys and he knows he’s gonna carry the Lakers again just like how he carried the Cavs before. It will be just a matter of time until the lakers will notch their first win and let’s see if it might be the start of Lebron’s climbing up of the Fantasy Rankings ladder once again.


That’s it.  You now know where are your favorite 1st rounders are currently ranked. I only included here the projected Top 10. Just in case you wanna know the rankings of the other stars, Paul George is currently ranked 42ndChris Paul is ranked 14th and Joel Embiid is ranked 6th. Please also take note that I made this article before the 11 game slate today (October 24, 2018 NBA Sched).

Thank you for reading my blog. If you have any suggestions and comments, feel free to  leave a message and you may follow me on twitter @fantasybbcrew.

Stats source: Basketballmonster.com

Image source: https://nba.nbcsports.com


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